Frank Turner- The Launchpad 2012


Frank Turner was my “Joe Rock” find of the year last year. So obviously I was very, very excited when I finally got the chance to see him live this year. England Keep My Bones was simply a classic album from 2011 and I was extremely happy to see it performed live. So I arrived at the show semi early with Patch in tow, ready to be wowed by one the best Brits I know. The opening act (Larry and His Flask) was so good though; I thought Frank Turner was going to get one upped at his own show. But never fear he had just as much, if not more energy as Larry and His Flask. His pub rock and British way of acting was very out of place at the Launchpad, but also very refreshing. He played every single song I wanted him to and by the end of the show, my voice was so raw that I could hardly talk. “Peggy Sang the Blues” was the best part of the show I think. Or maybe “I Still Believe.” Or shoot, maybe even “Photosynthesis.” Because as the show went on, Turner put more and more emotion into every song he played, and with me standing maybe 4 feet away from him, I could feel the energy he was exuding. So choosing a best part was nearly impossible. OK, the actual best part of the night was getting to meet him at the end of the show. He was just hanging outside the back door of the Launchpad as me and Patch left and he shook our hands, signed something for Patch and proceeded to speak in the best British accent I have ever heard. The most stand up dude I have ever met really did put on one of the most stand up shows I have ever been to.


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