Reel Big Fish- Sunshine Theater 2012


There is nothing quite like a ska show. Skanking is only something ever seen in that scene and its quality uniqueness really captures the feeling and idea behind ska music. In my mind, ska music is for the summer. Or for the winter, or really for any time because it is so happy/ go lucky that any time someone needs a pick me up, the consistent click of that guitar and the powerful and quick riffs supplied by the horn section are there to help anyone out of the deepest depression. Reel Big Fish is one of the first ska bands I have ever heard, and this was the second time I was privileged enough to see them.

To be honest, it was very similar to the fist time I saw them. They played almost the exact same setlist and told the same jokes. It made me a little sad to know these guys (and by that I mean just Aaron Barnet) were doing the same thing year after year. Then, as their slick horn licks rained down on my ears, I thought about it. And the less sad I got and the more impressed I became. Barnet was out doing something he loved; playing music. So what if he had to tell the same jokes, he was a rock star. And that showed. He still had just as much energy as the last time I saw him and I bet if I ever see Reel Big Fish again he will still have just as much energy because that’s how much he loves what he is doing.

“Beer,” “Sell Out,” and “Take on Me” were all played of course. But this time, they did their cover of “Brown Eyed Girl” and the surprise of that alone was enough to make me happy I had come. Obviously the classics were fun too, but the warm up band, the Maxies, were so bad I almost regretted ever setting foot in Sunshine that night. They attempted to be a punk band and act like a comedy group. It was terrible in both respects. The crowd also was a bit pushier than last time and a few ass holes were wearing chains that kept hitting people. In the name of ska, violence is never tolerated, or so I thought. But some people got extremely pushy with each other.

Over all, it was worth it. Reel Big Fish sparked my concert going of this semester, and honestly, I could listen and skank to “Beer” all day. That’s just how happy it makes me feel.


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