Title Fight- The Gasworks 2012


There is nothing quite like a good punk show. The punk kids themselves are great and the atmosphere is always somewhat jovial mixed with just the right amount of testosterone. Title Fight had all of this. The show was at a venue I had never been to before called the Gasworks, which is an old abandoned warehouse, turned into a concert venue for local and small touring bands. It worked perfectly for a punk show. The stage is basically on the same level of the crowd and for most of the show Title Fight was joined on stage by their fans singing and screaming along to every song. It was a passionate crowd, one I felt a little awkward being a part of simply because I recognized zero songs that were played. I went on the basis that friends told me they were good and I just couldn’t pass up a chance to go mosh around with some punks. Anyways, there were these rafters of sorts and people would climb up there and leap into the unsuspecting crowd, causing mass amounts of confusion. No one seemed to care though and people kept doing it until the bitter end, acting like the punks they are. Foolishly though, I forgot both my contacts and ear plugs so when I finally plunged into the mosh myself, my glasses were almost immediately knocked from my face. Luckily, it was so tightly packed they landed on someone’s back and I was able to snatch them from sure death by trampling. I quickly exited; holding my nose, which I was sure, was broken. Not to mention I was also sure my ears were bleeding from how loud it was without my trusty earplugs. Yet, aside from all of those negative things, it was a pretty fun show. It made me go listen to Floral Green again that’s for sure. And it made me realize that there really is nothing better than being with a group of people who love a band just as much as you do. I appreciated watching everyone having such a good time and to top it all off, the music wasn’t half bad either.


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