The Leaky Faces- Sketchy House on Vassar 2012


The definition of hipster is the band Leaky Faces. They are a bunch of kids that dropped out of my high school because school was essentially too mainstream for them. Classic hipsters. Well, I somehow got roped into seeing them perform at a house party at one of the sketchiest houses I have ever been to. The room they played in was lit by one single light bulb covered by a paper lantern of sorts to give off an eerie glow. The room was maybe 15ft x 10ft and there was about 25-30 people jammed tightly in, all smoking cigarettes and drinking Pabst. And the music. Let me tell you. The music was so hip I could hardly handle it. The instrumentation was a cello player, violin player, two guitars and a drummer who had a box drum and a cymbal he was hitting with his hand (also the drummers name is Peach, no joke). They sound like a mixture of Andrew Jackson Jihad, Modest Mouse’s Lonesome Crowded West, and Neutral Milk Hotel. The lyricist’s voice was similar to Bob Dylan’s with it’s consistency of scratchiness and pure rawness. So basically it was great. All the hipsters around me loved it and were yipping and screaming along. The music was quick and fun and I also got caught up in everyone’s excitement and began jumping around, banging my hands on my chest and clapping and whooping with the best of them. The band seemed to be fan favorites and songs were called out for them to play. So the band playfully bantered back and forth with the crowd and really acted as laid back as any hipster should. It was a fun little show and seeing them again is definitely something that I would do again.


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