Larry and His Flask- The Launchpad 2012


The most fun that I have ever had at a show/ concert/ any kind of live music had to be when I saw Larry and His Flask. Normally I hardly remember what the openers of shows are or even what they sound like. This. This time was different. The only way I can describe the kind of music that was played is by calling it a fusion of sorts: bluegrass/ska/punk/rock. Now if that’s not a combo you can get down with, then. Impossible. Listen to the first 5 seconds of one song and the electrifying speed of the banjo or the constant strumming of the stand up bass is guaranteed to make you tap your foot, nod your head or move some part of your body in some way. Man. There is just such energy while listening to Larry and His Flask. I’m listening to their newest EP right now and I just feel so hyped. That feeling was multiplied by about 100 live.

I was pretty close to the stage for most of the show and I could jus see the sweat flying off their beards. Oh wait. I didn’t mention the best part about Larry and His Flask. It’s a band of about 6 guys, almost all of them with full beards, and long hair. My idols essentially. And the way they danced around on that stage, flinging their bodies through their songs like their lives depended on it was exhilarating. As each song ended, they looked like they had just run a marathon, that’s how hard they were playing. I enjoyed every song they played more than the last and the longer they played, the more I realized, Frank Turner was going to have to really work to top what I was seeing. My body just refused to stop moving throughout their whole performance and the rest of the crowd was the same way. From my observation, very few if any people actually knew the band. But that did not seem to matter at all and people were dancing and having a good time as if this was the Beatles or something. I love that. I love that so much when a crowd can get into a group when they know nothing about them. But with Larry and His Flask, that wasn’t that hard to do.

The climax of the whole performance was when the lead singer brought the song down as quietly as he could. He motioned for us all to be silent, and he stepped off stage and got us all to sit down while he sat in the middle of us. To be honest I have no idea what he told us, except for his last words. “When I say, dance as hard and as fast as you can” or something to that effect. Because when he got back on stage and hit the chord, the Launchpad was a mass of chaos, dancing, sweat, bodies flailing, arms swinging, legs banging and just a cluster of motion as every single person in that little area danced their hearts out. Never have I been apart of that much widespread euphoria due to music and when it was over, life looked a little brighter.


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