Death Cab For Cutie- Feed Me Chicago, Union Park 2012


Death Cab for Cutie has to be the definition of middle school jams for me. When I heard I would get the chance to see them live at Feed Me Chicago, I was eager to start my trip to Chicago all the more. Yes I would be about a football field away and yes there would be thousands of people, but the flip side was, it was completely free. They started with “I Will Follow You Into The Dark” with just Ben Gibbard sitting on a stool with an acoustic guitar. It was kind of a shock for them to start with such a heartfelt and deep song, but there probably would not have been any room for it anywhere else in the set. And obviously it needed to be played. They went through all of the classics and even from 100 yards away, the entire crowd was singing their hearts out. It was pretty cool to be surrounded by thousands of people singing along with me and it was the perfect preparation for Pitchfork and the experiences I would have there. Seeing them made me realize I would definitely pay to see them in a smaller venue, just so I can try and show Gibbard and company how their music stirs up so much emotion in me.


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