Kids These Days- Feed Me Chicago 2012


Kids These Days is a rap/rock band from Chicago. Normally that combination of genres is intriguing but doesn’t work. For this group it does. The first time I heard them was when I saw them live at a food festival at Union Park in Chicago called, or at least what I called it, “Feed Me Chicago,” where there were over 100 vendors of unique foods selling their wares. I personally had some Italian chicken sandwich thing and a very greasy burger from some restaurant called Greasy Goat or something along those lines, recommended to me by a friend who has family in Chi town.

Now this band had something that immediately made me want to listen. Live horn players: a trumpet and trombone player. I was instantly drawn to hear what kind of chops they had. It was hot, we had been on a plane all day and we were preparing our strength of Pitchfork, but the energy they had, even from about 100 feet away impressed me and got me to stick around. Me and Ruben decided to stay and rock out, watching them bounce around on stage, sweating profusely from their efforts and from the energy the crowd was exuding back at them. Clearly they had a huge following in Chicago and it was cool to be apart of what appeared to be a pretty local band. By the way, the horn players were very, very good and that’s where I fell in love. Their licks were tight and actually fit well in with the rapping. It was a cool way to start off my weekend and because of my love of any kind of local music, we decided to stick around and purchase some goods. That in itself took about 30 minutes due to the fact that almost every one in the crowd also wanted to stick around. We stood patiently in line with the other sweat-drenched fans, pretending to be just as proud as they were, because clearly this band will soon be the pride and joy of Chicago.


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2 Responses to Kids These Days- Feed Me Chicago 2012

  1. hugginsdocs says:

    Tast of Chicago and the Billie Goat probably. Nice to see you around and blog looks good. Peace.

    • Wo, yea it was the Billie Goat!!!!! And I knew that about it being called Taste of Chicago, I just enjoyed the nick name I thought up. Thanks for checking it out though!!! My AOTY list will be out January 1st if your trying to find any new bands from 2012.

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