The Constellations Warped Tour 2012


By this part in the day of Warped Tour, there was little left that would surprise me. I had heard rap groups I actually enjoyed, a dub step/metal band and a whole mix of music in between involving punk in some way. The Constellations were the last piece of the puzzle. An indie rock band straight out of a fairy tale in comparison to the punk bands there, they were a very interesting group. Their music was a combination of reggae, rap and rock with a bass player with an Afro bigger than Afro Samurais (and he was white). And that was all in the first song. The next thing I heard had some blue grass influences and I felt like I was in the heart of Texas. Overall, I was just impressed with their variety of influences and songs they played. They were a fun band, enjoying their time in the heat and the fact that they were on tour. Even though not that many people had come out to see them, they were very capable of ignoring that fact and performed like they thought nothing of it. At the end, I was stunned with my find so my brother and me purchased a shirt and CD to prove our love.


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