G- Eazy Warped Tour 2012


G- Eazy. A cheesy rap name on the surface to be sure, but a decent rapper underneath. Another discovery of Warped tour, G- Eazy was very unexpected. A white Childish Gambino was my first impression, simply because his voice is slightly annoying but mostly because the first song I heard when I appeared was sampling “Two Weeks” by Grizzly Bear. Coincidently, Childish Gambino also has a track over “Two Weeks.” As I listened to more, I realized he is a little less intelligent than Donald Glover and a filthy greaser from Oakland. But apart from all that, he put on a good show. He taught me a new dance that is basically making fists with both hands, facing the fingertips towards the chest and pumping the arms up and down almost like milking a cow. Except not that ridiculous because he was successful in getting the entire crowd (of which there was a lot of) to participate with him. He was a good distraction on my way to Streetlight Manifesto and impressed me enough to go download his free album.


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