Big KRIT Sunshine Theater 2012


Big KRIT had to have been one of the most exciting concerts I have ever been to at Sunshine. Or in general for that matter. The crowd was small but heavily invested in Big KRIT and every one of his songs. I did more home work than usual for this show, really working to memorize 4Eva and a Day and Live From the Underground. Also. There were a total of 6 white people there: me, my brother, his friend and two of my friends I ran into there. So at first I definitely felt a little out of place. After the warm up rappers were done (which thankfully was quick) Big KRIT took the stage and just flat out performed. He had so much feeling in everything he said, he danced all over the stage and he stopped very little, keeping the show going and flowing smoothly. I recognized about 2/3 of the songs and that always makes a show better. Almost every song that Big KRIT does has a chorus that is easy to learn even if you don’t already know it. My favorite songs were definitely “My Sub,” “Country Shit,” or “I Got This” due to their singing friendly chorus’ (the chorus to “I Got This” is “Fuck these haters, fuck these hoes” which is easily one of the best things to scream) but the absolute best song he played and maybe one of the best songs I have ever seen live was “The Vent.” A beautiful song that KRIT sings rather than raps, “The Vent” is a song I had heard before, but never appreciated. I didn’t recognize it though until I went home and realized it was the last track on Return of 4eva. Either way, KRIT put his soul into it and it was the perfect climax to the show. It made me want to go home and learn even more about this southern rapper and if there is ever a point of going to a show, it’s to find a new excitement about an artist. And Big KRIT most certainty achieved that.


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