94. The Coral- The Coral


The Coral really is in the same boat as Badly Drawn Boy for me. They had just that one song that overwhelmed me with emotion that it didn’t matter how the rest of the album was, “The Coral” was going to make my list. “Dreaming of You” is easily one of the top 5 songs ever written. Well. IMO. But really it has everything a classic song needs. A great message about a guy dreaming about a girl and how hard life is without her, the catchiest bass line ever thought up and of course the singing is unbelievable with the right amount of screechiness and emotion. Singing along to “Dreaming of You” is easily one of the most enjoyable things to do. But it can only be done at the top of your lungs or with the gnarliest, scratchiest voice imaginable.

I just have so many positive connotations with that song. For every girl I was ever successful with, I would listen to that song, for every girl I wasn’t successful with, I listened to that song. It really just fits perfectly with any experience with a girl and I quickly learned to always listen to it in times of need. There is a scene in a Scrubs episode where Elliot and JD get back together for the second time and as they romp around the apartment, and “Dreaming of You” is playing. That’s how my friend discovered the Coral and introduced me to their brilliance. Scrubs also has a lot of girl connotations for me so it just makes perfect sense that one of my most favorite songs would come from a show that has so much meaning for me.

I feel like I am turning this whole review into a song review. But in some ways I think that is absolutely necessary. Because without this song, my love for this album evaporates. Now I’m not saying the rest of the album is bad. And I’m not even saying that its not great. But “Dreaming of You” is what makes this album the 94th best album of the past 15 years. It just helps that there are actually other tracks on the album to jam to after your done listening to “Dreaming of You” 30 different times.


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