93. 1965- The Afghan Whigs


There’s something so grungy and beautiful and aggressive and perfect about the Afghan Whigs. My first introduction to them was their side project The Twilight Singers, which are nothing, like what the Afghan Whigs are going for. The Twilight Singers are everything that their band name would lead you to believe they are: soft rocking bros. But with the Afghan Whigs, as you listen to that raw guitar, you can just imagine the bands faces, curled up into grimaces as they attack their guitars into making that noise. The way the vocals come across are mean. There is a little snarl and bite to it that gives it a little spice. And when they aren’t trying to be aggressive testosterone filled bros, they can attack from the opposite way of lust and love. As belligerent as their voices can sound on other songs, the sultriness that they can also embody is quite an accomplishment simply because it is so much farther than where they just were. They are such an enigma and provocative band, that my mom refuses to listen to them. She says its because she does not enjoy the cursing that they employ maybe once every 5 songs. But I know the truth. She just can’t handle the different emotions and such that the band is so good at emulating in their music.

To be honest I have only really heard 1965 in all my listening. I assume and have a feeling that all Afghan Whigs projects are wonderful, but I really did luck out with 1965 being in this time limit so I was able to put it on my list. I remember the day I bought this album. It was at Natural Sound with Ruben and I was feeling brave. Normally when I buy an album I like to have at least sampled at least one song from it, but with 1965, I just went for it. And maybe that’s why I like it so much. Because it was able to so thoroughly impress me on that first listen. I listened to it that day and I never looked back. I just can’t say no to hard rocking bros that can sing like that. But not only that, I was proud of myself for trying out a band that I had no idea about, and then actually loving them as much as I did. It was quite an accomplishment in my book.

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