98. Free the Bees- A Band of Bees


The definition of Joe rock is essentially any music that sounds like it could have come from the 60’s but actually came out in the present era. There is no better example of that than A Band of Bees’ album Free the Bees. It rocks like it was straight out of the 60’s with those classic oldies harmonies and guitar riffs. It has the right amount of psychedelic pieces with flowing guitar parts and haunting vocals. Its like if the Beatles met Pink Floyd and the Who. A Band of Bees would have been absolutely perfect back then. But the cool thing about them, and the thing that drew me to them was that they are doing all of this now, in the present era when there are so many other types of music to be influenced by. A Band of Bees have resisted all attempts by the world to make them move on and if anything they have perfected the 60’s sound.  Most bands that attempt to recreate music that should be from a different era either don’t do it perfectly, making it appear un- genuine or add too much from the common era making it just sound like a rip off. It’s a delicate process to try and act like you’re from the 60’s but when it’s done correctly it is really something worth listening to again and again.

My personal favorite track is “The Russian,” a five and a half minute song with no vocals. Just an endless bass line that grooves with as much swag as the Based God and with a break down that would make any dub step artist proud. Except the great thing about this track and the rest of this album is that it is all done like it was straight out of the 60’s. And it is obvious that the swag and break downs are being copied from it, not the other way around. People should never forget their roots, least of all their musical ones, and it is quite refreshing to hear a band do such an honor to their musical roots like A Band of Bees does with Free The Bees.


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