96. Untrue- Burial


Burial’s Untrue is one of the most influential albums of the past 15 years easily and if anything, it deserves a spot on my list. But if I was going off of criteria like that, then Meriwether Post Pavilion should be on this list along with half of the Radiohead albums, all pretty high. But something about Untrue stuck with me that Animal Collective could never really impart on me. I never really have enjoyed electronic music. Only recently has trap music been something I enjoy and I usually just need lyrics. But I am growing as a listener and I count Untrue as one of my conquests. It is amazingly different than anything else I really listen to and for that I love it. The haunting vocals give for a very creepy vibe booming out of any speakers that are used to listen to this album. Then the incessant drum beats and the swirling noises that sound like they were either created via key board or computer really bring the whole thing together.

Instrumental electronic music is definitely not something I consider myself an expert in. In fact I know little about it. But I know two things. Untrue is and was a trail blazing album and I enjoy listening to it every so often to remind myself there are other kinds of music in this world and that its really good. The repetition of this album is really unique in the sense that nothing else that I really listen to has any kind of repletion at all. Yes rap songs repeat the beat and rock songs repeat the chords, but there are always changes in lyrics in those songs. In an instrumental song, where there is little changing, the changes that do happen make it all the more exciting. Untrue really flows together as an album as well and sometimes I can’t even tell when one song ends and one begins. That in itself is something that I don’t often hear and makes Untrue that much more fun to listen to.


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