95. The Hour of the Bewilderbeast- Badly Drawn Boy


One of my all time favorite songs is “The Shining.” Hands down it has a simple beauty that is un -matched by most songs out there. It is the song that made me appreciate the French horn as an instrument and the slow song in general. It has taken me through some of the worst of my times and some of my best, but “The Shining” has always been there for me.

Therefore The Hour of the Bewilderbeast is one of my favorite albums simply because “The Shining” is on it. And for a while I didn’t even bother listening to anything more than that song, because not only is it the best song, its track one, making it seem almost unnecessary to listen to more off the album. But eventually I came to my sense, I mean, if a song like “The Shining” could be created, the rest of the album can’t be that bad right? So I gave it a listen and was very, very pleasantly surprised. Because not only is the album good, its great. There is an interesting variation in the speed in the songs. Some are slow just like “The Shining” and some are more rocking. My other favorite tracks are “Everybody’s Stalking” and “Once Around the Block” which are both up tempo and almost rocking songs.

Badly Drawn Boy really represents the 2000’s well in my book. There is just a feel about it that proves it is something that I grew up with. There are inklings of older music but with plenty of the present involved. The combination of horns and guitar and it not being ska really gives it a 2000ish feel. I don’t know. It just has a little bit of the new millennium in it and along with “The Shining” it fits perfectly on any list of albums from the past 15 years.

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