100. Dude Ranch- Blink- 182


The spot of number 100 on any list of albums is an important one. More important than 27, 69 or even number 11 for that matter. Because in a list like this, that last album has to round out the list. It has to give it some vigor and start it off with a bang. It may not be the best album or the most artistically performed or even sound that great. But it needs some spunk. Some pizzazz. Some god damn balls. That number 100 better be something to get the people going because it essentially tells the reader what the rest of the list could very well be like. So my obvious choice for number 100 is Dude Ranch by Blink- 182. If you can think of an album with more spunk than an album that has all one word titles for songs asides from one called “Dick Lips” (and 4 other not nearly as entertainingly titled tracks) then I will listen to that album every day for the rest of my life. But I don’t think you’ll find another album like this that also has the sounds of what might very well be someone making out with a horse…

This album should have been a middle school classic like it was for every other kid my age. But I was a sheltered child at that point in my life and only listened to Green Day and Good Charlotte (which will be represented later never fear). So during my senior year during Blink- 182 week, I finally listened to Dude Ranch for the first time in my life. I listened to it 3 times in one school day because the rule of Blink- 182 week was to listen to only Blink- 182 (duh). So through out calculus, econ and physics I would sneak a listen here and there and had my self thoroughly brainwashed. The whiny voice penetrated my skull for about 2 and a half hours total through out the day and I knew most of the lyrics soon after. I can still remember that day almost minute for minute because of this album. I remember the car ride to swimming after school. I remember running into Ruben right before econ to jump around in our excitement at this hilarious/ amazing band. Never have I blatantly spammed an album like I did with Dude Ranch, and never have I fallen in love with an album as fast either. Its raunchiness made me laugh, its seriousness made me laugh harder. But above all of that, I felt like I was finishing an unfinished part of my childhood that finally was completed at 18. And that is why Dude Ranch is number 100.


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