Protest the Hero Sunshine Theater 2012


The first time Protest the Hero came to Albuquerque I foolishly skipped it for something so silly, I can’t even remember what it was for. Protest, as I have lovingly nick named them, are one of the few hardcore/metal/loud/screaming/ bands that I listen to and listen to a lot. So when I got the chance to see them I instantly jumped at the chance. It was at Sunshine Theater but for some reason, it was not packed at all. But the people who were there knew exactly what they were getting into and were prepared for an intense show. I left my glasses in the car for that very reason and lo and behold, the mosh pit was one of the roughest I have ever been in. The concert itself was amazing. The whole time I could see next to nothing, but the sound of the ripping guitars and booming bass and smashing drums captivated my heightened hearing. I jumped around and moshed with the best of them, and there were some big boys there. I knew about half of the songs played but when I did recognize a song, I went crazy, jumping around, attempting to scream myself. My favorites had to be “Blood Meat” or “Turn Soonest To The Sea.” Well, lets be real, “Turn Soonest To The Sea” was definitely my favorite. All of my friends knew the words and we belted them out loud as best as we could. Even with my hazy sight, I was able to absorb the feeling of the band and of the crowd and it was one that really embodied metal music. You could just feel the life vibrating and exuding off of everyone there. The smell of sweat mingled in the air and it was all slick on everyone’s bodies. Even the random chick Gus brought with him semi appreciated it even though I’m sure she was under the impression she was at a Satanic worship. No matter, Protest the Hero put on an amazing live show.


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