Champagne Champagne Warped Tour 20112


Our first show we saw at Warped Tour was a hilarious/ awesome rap group named Champagne Champagne. The thing that instantly drew them to me was the fact that before and after every song, they had the crowd yell CHAMPANGE CHAMPAGNE back at them. And there were quite a lot of people there to do the yelling. It wasn’t just their crowd interactions (they also poured at least 5 monsters all over themselves and ended up without shirts because they were so sticky) they actually have some legitimate rap. Now I expected nothing from any of the rap groups my brother told us to go see, I was at Warped Tour solely to see Streetlight Manifesto. But Champagne Champagne really put on a fun show. They had good flow, good beats, good persona; anything you could ask for in a rap concert and it was there. I was impressed they were even at Warped Tour to being with because so many of the kids there were just punks with dyed hair looking for the next hard core thrash death metal band to head bang their brains out too. But Champagne Champagne took it all in stride and played like it was their last concert. I was so impressed; me and Patch bought a CD and introduced ourselves to one of the main guys, telling him how impressed we were. It was a good start to Warped Tour.


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