Vampire Weekend Pitchfork Music Festival 2012


Ruben spent the whole weekend trying to convince me Vampire Weekend deserved to close out the whole Pitchfork Festival. I knew they were good and semi big. But comparing them to TV On The Radio, who closed last year, I just didn’t see enough similarities. They started right as the sun set with “Cousins” and just went from there. I think I at least recognized every chorus from each song and I am not even that big of a fan. But everyone, and I mean everyone knew lyrics. It wasn’t like most shows where only the true fans knew what was going on. EVERYONE knew lyrics. I was standing a good 75 feet away from the stage and I was still surrounded by a great group of people that helped me sing as loud as we could to every song. A-Punk and Horchata were played halfway the show and I thought it couldn’t get better than that. In my mind, those were their two biggest songs so I expected them to have to start covering some Graceland or something because they still had about an hour left to play. But after each song that they played that I also happened to know, I knew they deserved to be here. Then when they played Oxford Coma, I went nuts. It was my favorite song they played, mostly because I completely forgot they had it. For some reason I could not get it through my head that Vampire Weekend is actually a pretty big bad. The number of hits they have in reality turns out to be quite a few. I was just so impressed with everything about their show; they were having fun, they were working up a sweat and most importantly, the crowd was so into it. Ruben said that even the people all the way back at the entrance to the whole park were rocking out and singing along. Easily every single one of the 16,000 people there knew the lyrics and let loose. I see that as one of the most important things about a show, whether a band can get the whole crowd going. And to be honest, only Vampire Weekend succeeded in bringing together the entire festival and after they were done I understood why they got the right to finish it all up. They ended with a song I just now found out the name of, Walcott. And it just felt like the perfect ending to a perfect weekend. It’s a song about saying good-bye and leaving and that’s exactly what I was doing. I was leaving behind a part of my life that will always be there with me. I have never gotten to experience so much music in my life in one place like I did at Pitchfork. And as the song slowly built and the band jumped higher and higher on stage screaming “DON’T YOU WANT TO GET OUT OF CAPE COD TONIGHT” I joined in with them, thinking to myself that I saw some of the best live acts I had ever see, all with a group of people that loved music just as much as I do. Even now, about 2 weeks after I returned from my adventure, I still can’t get over what I actually got to participate in. It truly was a magical experience and I will never forget it.

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