The Men Pitchfork Music Festival 2012


The Men were one of the bands that I knew the littlest about going into Pitchfork. But I knew one song, “Turn It Around.” And I hoped against hope that I would get the privilege of hearing it. During the beginning of The Men’s set I was finishing up Ty Segall, so immediately after that finished I rushed over. And as I got within earshot the opening guitar riff of “Turn It Around” began and it was one of the happiest moments of the whole festival for me. I started leaping and jumping around rushing closer to the stage. At that moment we found Ruben, making the song that much sweeter because that far back from the stage we were the only ones that knew the words. So as we screamed to our hearts content, ignoring people’s stares and judgment, we moved closer and closer to the mosh pit preparing to unleash all of our energy. Sadly the song ended before we reached the mosh but we finished the concert there. It was easily the scariest mosh pit I have ever been in. There was a 300-pound guy that was just bull rushing the pit and knocking people around like they were bowling pins. But as you tried to avoid him, there was another guy, maybe only 250- pounds, that was tackling people from the legs and he blindsided me before I knew what was happening and was almost thrown to the ground again. All in all, the only thing I remember is hearing “Turn It Around” maybe my most favorite song of the weekend and of course I remember almost dying in the mosh pit.

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