Kendrick Lamar Pitchfork Music Festival 2012


Never have I waited so patiently and in such awful conditions for a concert to start. Immediately after The Men stopped playing what was the mosh pit filled with people rushing to see the only rap show of the day. Quickly we were packed in like cattle, all sweaty from the mosh pit we had just experienced. What made me realize it was truly hot was that even the people that had not been at The Men started to sweat as the humidity of the crowd grew and grew. And of course every single person around us began blazing it and the smoke hung heavy in the air, making breathing even harder. But in the waiting time I met some sweet bros and we reminisced about our past rap experiences and I asked about what it was like to live in a big city and actually go to big festivals all the time. It was such a cool experience to be surrounded by a group of people that had the same musical taste as me and that we had so much in common without ever having to even introduce ourselves to each other. Kendrick was late but luckily his DJ came out and played some popular rap songs for us. He went through “Peso,” “N***** In Paris” and other songs I didn’t recognize to hype us up and as Kendrick walked onto stage the crowd went wild, throwing our threes in the air as the intro to Hiiipower was played. The crowd had about the most hype I had seen all weekend and as he started with some tracks off of Section 80, every single person around me knew all of the lyrics. I was a little embarrassed with my self for my lack of knowledge because I thought I was one of the biggest Kendrick Lamar fans out there. But I was wrong. He played about 4 songs off of Section 80, a lot less than I anticipated but it was still sweet. Hol’ Up and ADHD were definitely my favorites. Lamar encouraged a lot of crowd participation having us sing along to the chorus’ of most of the songs. He even played his new song “Drank” and I quickly was able to learn the chorus as he gave us a lot of chances to sing it back to him. ADHD was by far my favorite though and the crowd sand “8 dubies to the face, fuck dat” at least 10 times and it got progressively louder each time. He kept the energy up through out the whole show, even when someone in the front fainted, he politely asked to make sure her group was going to make sure she was alright, and he went right back to rapping. After that he threw down the beginning of Rigamortis and he successfully did the whole first verse, as fast as it is on record. But I think he got too tired because he switched songs quickly after. It just was a show full of power, as it were, with a lot of crowd contribution and enjoyment. It really was just a great show.


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