Araabmuzik Pitchfork Music Festival 2012


Knowing nothing about Araabmuzik, I foolishly hoped his set would be somewhat similar to Flying Lotus’. It really wasn’t but it still was one of the coolest sets I saw. First off, his forearms must be the size of bricks because of the way he DJ’s, playing his MPC drum machine with ferocity that was precedent during the whole weekend. He really doesn’t use other songs and remix them like Flying Lotus does; he makes his own brand of music with his incessant drumming of his fingers. It was a dance show and there was a lot of dancing to be sure. I had a hard time getting into it though, because at the beginning of the show I could not see Araabmuzik and without seeing his fingers moving, it just wasn’t the same. But as people moved around and left, I moved to my left and got to a point where I could see and began to jam more and more. He threw in a good remix of some dubstep song I recognized and as he built more and more energy into the show, he climaxed it all with Chief Keef and Lil Reese coming out and doing “I Don’t Like.” That was awesome. It is such a popular song and to see the guy that actually created it playing it live was a story that I’m glad I get to tell. Granted it got old after 4 minutes of it, but it still was sweet to see Chief Keef, a guy who is a year younger than me! Then they brought out their whole crew of 15 guys who stood on stage as they played one more song and it was done. It was a quick ending to be sure but seeing stars join together on stage is always sweet and I was very excited about what I had just witnessed.

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