Thee Oh Sees Pitchfork Music Festival 2012


If there was one band all weekend that was having fun, it was Thee Oh Sees. The faces those guys were making up on stage were simply priceless. They had joy and a whole lot of craziness plastered all over their faces as they head banged, jumped and every other manner of dancing imaginable as they played their set. Their music is fast and upbeat, dabbling in psychedelic and garage rock alike so there were plenty of moments to get our mosh on as well as standing and absorbing the creative sounds coming from their instruments. It was good, clean fun. People in the crowd were happy to be there and Thee Oh Sees knew that and played on that. They thanked us continually for choosing them instead of Ty Segall (who’s set was almost the same time) by playfully asking, “Can you hear us now Ty?” much to the crowds pleasure. Thee Oh Sees have so many albums to choose from and I had such little experience with their music, it didn’t really matter what they played, I didn’t recognize it. No matter, it was still fun to learn more about this band that was hyped as one of the best live acts ever. That statement was not far off, because never have I seen a band with so much enthusiasm as Thee Oh Sees and to top it all off, their music is very easy to rock out to. All and all. A solid act.

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