Iceage Pitchfork Music Festival 2012


The most intense, tiring 20 minutes of my life had to be at the Iceage show. Easily. It was hot, sweaty, and muggy and the mosh pit was full of the same thing, except add a bunch of punk dudes who were also sweaty, hot and muggy. Combined together with the Dutch punk rock, it was the most punk thing I have ever been apart of. It mattered not one bit that I had hear one Iceage song in my life and that I had no idea what the lyrics meant or what was really going on. I knew there was moshing. And I knew there was good fun happening. That is all. But to top it all off, half of the 20 minutes I was there for, there was a malfunction with some of the equipment so we spent a good 7 or 8 minutes standing there, watching Iceage’s lead singer standing on stage. Not really helping figure our what the problem was, not really doing much of anything really except looking as punk rock as he could. His look of indifference was one of the most priceless moments of Sunday and it just helped make the music that much more fun when they started again. But 20 minutes was really all I could handle. Any more and I might have just turned into him, punk with a side of indifference.


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