Sleigh Bells Pitchfork Music Festival


Sleigh Bells were the group that I was most looking forward to see all weekend because of the stories I had heard of the live acts that they were notorious for. But at the same time, School Boy Q was also playing and I was unbelievably torn as to whom I wanted to see more. So I compromised and saw the first couple of School Boy Q songs, telling my self if he impressed me I would stay. Luckily he did nothing of the sort and I rushed over to Sleigh Bells just in time to here “Kids” blaring from their speakers as we (Sara and Ruben) headed to find a spot. I started jumping into the air, rushing closer to the stage. Instantly I was extremely happy with my decision to leave School Boy Q for the blasting, fuzzy energy of what live Sleigh Bells is all about live. With no drummer and a piercing guitar and bass sound to go along with Alexis Krauss’ ear splitting vocals, the whole experience really felt like you were in a box of sound even though we were not what you would call close to the stage. Luckily for me, they played a lot of songs off of Treats, the album that got me hooked. But there was also a good amount from Reign of Terror, an album I really hadn’t listened to that much and was pleasantly surprised by the songs I heard from it. But the best parts were really the classic songs, “Rill Rill”, “Tell Em” and “A/B Machines” that were played with such energy that you would never have thought possible because the album already goes so hard. But Krauss was jumping around the stage, sweat visibly flying and her voice clearly screeching out the sometimes incomprehensible lyrics to the joy of the crowd. “Tell Em” was probably my favorite song of the whole show mostly because of the ferocious beat that flows through the whole song, but “Rill Rill” was great too, simply because I had no idea what Krauss is saying for the chorus, but you can still sing along, screaming your own version of gibberish. I think the whole show is embodied by a moment, towards the end of the show, when Krauss jumped into the crowd for some well timed crowd surfing. She brought her microphone with her and kept screeching and the crowd went even crazier. It was a show built on energy and wildness and Krauss personified that and because of that it was all transferred to the crowd, making it one of my favorite shows of the weekend.


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