Flying Lotus Pitchfork Music Festival


To be honest, I have never really jammed to Flying Lotus before Pitchfork. I knew he was John Coltrane’s nephew and all, but instrumental music really never was my thing. Until I saw him live. He was incredible, with a passion for the music and what he was doing, along with a very friendly and open personality that made everyone in the crowd feel like he was DJing for them and them alone. But above nothing else, Flying Lotus is there for people to dance. And that’s exactly what me and Ruben did. The show started with us apart, (Rubens phone had been damaged in the rain) but he frantically texted me with a strangers phone and we were joyfully reunited. That’s when the jams really started. We weaseled our way a little closer to the stage and found ourselves next to some bros that had dance moves that rivaled our own. Around this time, Flying Lotus started moving away from his own beats and onto remixes ranging from “Hands on the Wheel”, “Yonkers”, “N***** In Paris” and “Hard In The Paint.” That’s when our vocal chords were tested along with our dance moves as we belted out the lyrics to the popular rap tunes that were sped up about 5 times faster than normal, making School Boy Q’s voice sound like a chipmunk, squeaky and incredibly fast. But it wasn’t like Flying Lotus was just playing those songs for us, he had given his own personal flavor to the songs making them easier to dance to and overall just more fun to listen to. He is a very upbeat DJ both in his beats and sounds and in his behavior. He told us once “Oh shit, I just realized I’m drunk as fuck!!” He laughed at himself and continued the jams. The smile that graced his face throughout the performance subconsciously put everyone in a great mood, as if some how he was exuding his feelings through his mixing. Everyone I was around had a smile on their face, and no one was not at least bumping their head to the music. Never have I cooked so hard or head banged so vigorously. It really was an electronic show unlike any other.


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