Danny Brown Pitchfork Music Festival


Danny Brown. What can you say about that dude? He goes hard. But that really doesn’t do justice to the kind of rapper he is and the kind of raps he throws down. He is vulgar and emotional. Intense and hilarious. He can have so many themes in his raps, its like he is bi polar, but in a much more laid back way. I finally realized I was seeing this guy live when it was time for me to start screaming, “ IM BALLIN NOW, STOP. JUST LIKE KOBE.” Or maybe it was when I was screaming the lyrics to “I Will”. Or maybe even when the intro to Monopoly was played and I yelled along with that. There are just so many stereotypical Danny Brown moments in his discography, I was able to recognize a classic lyric in every song he played, and I even know most of the lyrics to “I Will”. The awkward thing was, no one I was standing around did. So as I screamed about eating chicks out, I had two girls behind me giving me some dirty looks. And not the good kind of dirty. But in the spirit of Danny Brown, I just got louder, trying to let Danny know I knew his lyrics, even if these posers around me did not. He knew how to have fun, that much was made apparent by his stage presence. He showed us his classic face of sticking his huge tongue out, and even showing off his gap tooth a little. He jumped around, head banging his creative head of hair and just laying down some great flows. He threw down some a cappella raps as well, freestyles to top it all off, and that’s when I think Danny is at his best. He can rhyme anything and his freestyles even have a little bit of depth to them. The faster he got, the louder the crowd got as they realized they were seeing one of the games best rappers go off. Even the girls behind me that clearly should not have been there got into the show towards the end. That’s just the kind of energy he brings to a show. Usually it’s hard to enjoy a rap show if you don’t know the lyrics. And at times this one was difficult because Danny raps so fast, I had no idea what was going on. But through all that, he still tried to make sure everyone had a good time, and boy did I.


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