Cults Pitchfork Music Festival 2012


Instead of mud moshing with Ruben at Liturgy, I decided to take my self over to check out the Cults, a band I really didn’t know too much about. I know they have the track “Outside” and that’s about it. I had bought their album before I left for Chi- Town but I really hadn’t taken the time to learn it. I was pleasantly surprised when the first song they played, “Abducted” was actually a song I recognized! And their live act was nothing like the pop feel of their album that I thought would not translate very well to a live act.

But I quickly learned that poppyness only translates if the band allows it too, and the band did nothing of the sort. They head banged and jumped around, playing their music with a lot of heart. It helped a lot that they had a good stage presence too, cursing the rain with a few well placed “Fuck the rain!” and “Fuck the church!!” to gain that much more of the crowds attention. As I sit here now though, re listening to their album, it turns out I knew more than I thought and their album is in fact pretty memorable. The tracks I did recognize were sweet, but the ones that I didn’t were almost sweeter as I got to learn a little bit more about this interesting band with a great live performance to boot. The Cults lead singer just had a way about her that made her a true performer. She had a funny little dance going but when she wasn’t messing around she could crescendo her voice to an extreme level, bringing a whole new dimension to the group that cant really be found on album. When they played “Outside” everyone went crazy. The song was played flawlessly and the classic chorus of the “Aaaaaiiiiii, I really wanna go outside” had the entire crowd singing along and there was actually a fair amount of people there the more I looked around myself. I had for the most part of the show been distracted by two girls next to me who seemed to be impressed by my dancing and were slowly starting to have as much energy as me. Sadly they left early, but with them gone I took a good look at my surroundings and realized, the Cults may not be a rocking band, but they pulled the crowd and rewarded them with an impressive performance of fun, rocking pop.


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