Cloud Nothings Pitchfork Music Festival 2012


My first experience of the day could possibly one of my favorite musical experiences ever. The Cloud Nothings were the first band of Saturday that me and Ruben wanted to see and we arrived just in time to force our way to the back of the mosh pit. As I sit here writing this, re listening again to Attack On Memory and thinking of what to say, I keep drawing a blank. They played 5 songs, all off of Attack On Memory but it felt like one of the longest sets I’ve ever seen. The energy in the crowd was the strongest, most powerful things I have ever felt. Everyone knew lyrics, riffs and everything in between and were not afraid to shout at the top of their lungs how they felt about it. Almost as soon as the show started, rain began to pour on us, cooling off the already sweat drenched crowd with a new liquid to douse ourselves in. The Cloud Nothings themselves had a great persona about themselves as well. They were into the music, rocking out and otherwise putting on a show. This was only two days ago for me, but sometimes it feels like 5 minutes ago and sometimes it feels like a lifetime ago. The things I have the most vivid memory of are two guys in the crowd with me, one very large that reminded me of Hagrid and the other, an even bigger guy with a hooked nose and black shirt, both who knew every lyric. After the show I learned that the band had done their longest version of “Wasted Days” ever, but all I remember about it was the intense build up, better than any dub step or electronic song, and how every second made the crowd more and more pumped. But I never once comprehended that it was the longest version of the song. This was about the time their equipment started malfunctioning in the rain but none of the crowd cared. As, one by one instruments were broken or too wet to play, the crowd got into more and more of a frenzy screaming the chorus “I THOUGHT I WOULD BE MORE THAN THIS” at the top of their lungs even as the show started to end and the bass player threw his bass to the stage in disgust, the feeling of euphoria that the crowd had could not be broken and everyone walked away with smiles on their faces, drenched to the bone in rain and music ringing in their ears.


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