Number 3: Black Up- Shabazz Palaces

I want to start this review with a quote from one of my good friends in reference to Black Up. He said, “This is the best hip- hop/ rap album ever,” that is all. And there was no prelude or intro or segway of any kind. We were just sitting there listening to Black Up for the upmost time and that came out. There was not an ounce of trolling in his soul at the at moment and my first reaction was to scream and yell, WHAT ITS WRONG WITH YOU, what about MBDTF, Stankonia, Illmatic, or even The Chronic or Ready to Die? But as I sat there, fuming at the nerve of him to say something as sacrilegious as that, I started to think. What if this is really the best rap album ever? I mean. There’s never been a sound like it before. It’s weird. Its odd, bizarre, peculiar and anything else you want to say. I think this is honestly the first rap album ever made that one can not use words to describe it to its fullest. They just wouldn’t do justice to the sound of this album. Obviously there are the classic things you look for in rap present on this album. The rapping and flow is very technical and precise. The beats are unbelievable. They have jazzy horns, electronic reverb and a lot of ambient sounds that when all of it is put together, makes the most original sound of the year on a rap album and probably of the past couple of decades. Maybe this is how people felt when Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) was released or when The Low End Theory was dropped. It took time for albums like that to gain the appreciation they deserve and I’m worried that’s going to happen with Black Up. Which really is sacrilegious in itself. Because the more I think about it and the more I try to think of a rap album that was this distinctive in it’s sound and this unique in it’s production, I can’t. Black Up may have come 20 years before it’s time, when people will then be able to look back and say, that was the best hip hop album. But I’m gonna agree with my friend right now and be the 2nd to say it, Black Up is the best hip-hop/ rap album ever.

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