Number 2: Nine Types of Light- TV On The Radio

TV On The Radio is a wonderful band, always ready to try new things and new techniques and methods in their music. Nine Types of Light was no different. Their high-pitched voices echo in the air on almost every chorus, making one think of a chorus of angels delivering the performance instead of mere mortals. The songs have so much life to them and are just so full of power; the music fills your soul and carries you away to places unknown. The only word I can think of for the sound of this album is majestic, as majestic as Kyp Malone’s beard. In some of my reading, I discovered that the kind of music that TV On the Radio is playing is considered “art rock.” And to me that fits so well. Because the music they are making isn’t just music. It embodies a beautiful painting like no other band’s music could. But to fully understand all of this and to come up with these opinions, took time. I don’t think I’ve ever listened to an album as much as I did Nine Types of Light before I fully understood it to it’s full potential. It just had that much depth to it’s sound and that much depth to the music that was being played. Reviewers were not very sold on this album and maybe at first that was why I didn’t give it much of a chance. But I think the problem was that people and reviewers alike didn’t give Nine Types of Light the chance it needed to be able to flourish in people’s minds and for people to totally comprehend what their ears were hearing. It’s a complex package to be sure and I think fans were just ready for another “Wolf Like Me” to satisfy their TV On the Radio taste. But Nine Types of Light doesn’t have a track like that. In my opinion, no track stands out on this album enough to be considered a single or a hit. Maybe that’s why this album was so over looked. And that’s just wrong. The album is so much stronger without one hit to over ride the rest and I can’t listen to just one song ever off of Nine Types of Light. It’s an all or nothing ordeal and I think that’s why it’s stuck with me for so long and so well. That’s why it’s the 2nd best album of the year. Because it is nothing short of an album, not a collection of songs or one great song and some mediocre ones. And an album like this needs the respect that it has yet to get this year.


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