Number 8: Oneirology- CunninLynguists

I heard this album late in the year, thinking that I had heard all of the good rap available. And then I gave Oneirology a listen. And it just combined everything that I love about rap into one album. It had the creative prog rock samples of XV. It had the swag of Tyler and the voice that was on par with Big K.R.I.T. If nothing else, this album took all I loved about rap this year and threw it onto one album. The production rivals Under the Influence or LiveLoveA but in different ways. There is not as much weighty sound, but its still complicated. The samples are messed with just the right amount and then ambient sounds are added for full effect. I mean, there are times in the songs where you very well could be listening to a garage rock band trying to be the next Pink Floyd. I just have never heard rap over something like this before and probably what excited me the most about Oneirology was that I could now go back and listen to CunnyLyngusits’ past work and have a new rap group to love. That has to be one of my favorite parts of finding a new band or group, is the fact that there is probably a whole discography that I can go and listen to and enjoy.


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