Number 7: Take Care- Drake

When I first heard Take Care, I was procrastinating on homework and looking for a great excuse to ignore it. And then I found out my man Drizzy was releasing a new album to a huge amount of hype. So immediately I went to check it out and I was wonderfully surprised. I loved it. I’ll be honest, Thank Me Later was good, but nothing special. Take Care really raised my whole expectations of Drake and put him on a new level in my mind. The beats were swaggin’ off the charts, the people he featured were first class, and his melodic, whiny voice had never sounded better. Now I know Drake is so soft he can turn sand paper into moist towellettes. But that doesn’t stop a brotha like me from loving him. We all have gone through problems like Drake, in fact, when I first heard this album I was dealing with a break up of sorts and it just reassured me a little when I found out that even Drizzle could feel the scorn of a woman and the pain of a heart shattered. His soulful moaning on “Marvin’s Room” really spoke to me. “I’m just saying you coulda done better,” just perfectly describes teenage angst to its fullest and gives the album a meaning that some people just may not want to admit to. Take Care did its job and hit home, and no matter how cold of a person you are, Aubrey Grahm will leave you wanting more.


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