Number 23: LiveLoveA- A$AP Rocky

Clams Casino is probably the producer of the year hands down. The dark sound created by Clammy Clam on his tracks for A$AP Rocky is just so gloomy and sinister it makes you shiver a little. And then you get right back into it. Now Clams Casino needs love in some way on this list, so by all rights his instrumental mixtape should be here. But I’m more partial to having a rapper spitting rhymes over my beats so I chose to put A$AP here. But its not like I dislike his rapping style though, as he says himself,  “They say I sound like Andre mixed with Kanye, little bit of Max, little bit of Wiz, little bit of that, little bit of this get off my dick.” He speaks the truth, his voice and style seem to sample from all of my favorite rappers and I enjoy it immensely. He has swag to be sure, and he utilizes it well, with a nice, steady flow that fits perfectly with the bumping beats that he’s rapping over. The effects on the voices that meander through the album are interesting and a little bit weird and again go perfectly with the mood that you feel as you become entranced by the bashing sound of the production. Its like Odd Future met Lil B and Waka Flaka (granted Clams Casino does produce for Based God too) and got a new rapper to pull it all together. There’s nothing like some unique production in the game of hip- hop and LiveLoveA is a perfect example of creativity mixing with swag.


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