Number 22: Goblin- Tyler, The Creator

I’ll be the first to say it. I have never listened to Goblin all the way through. I’ll also be the first to say it, but when I meet a person that can feel as many emotions as Tyler… Well. Swag me the fuck out. Everyone (or in the words of Tyler, everyone that fucking matters) knows the story of OFWGKTA. Kid skaters. Punks. Made some raps. And then 4chan noticed and everything went crazy from there on out. Tyler released Bastard and every other member started dropping albums and the cult following took off from there. So the hype for Goblin was probably a whole lot more than what Tyler thought he’d be getting for only his second ever album. But, like classic Tyler, he didn’t give two fucks and put out one of the most charged albums of the year. “Yonkers” alone got enough hype to make any new band into something massively humongous. He still raps about “fucking bitches and getting heads” and all manner of vulgar things that created his following in the first place. But this album is charged with so much more emotion and feeling than any other Odd Future project that it takes more than a couple of listens to Goblin to fully understand what’s going on in Tyler’s head. I still feel like I don’t really comprehend the album, but I do know this, when I listen to “Radicals” I’m fucking pissed, when I listen to “Nightmare” I feel overwhelming sadness and when I listen to “Yonkers,” a little bit of Tyler’s insanity takes a hold of me. I can’t think of another album that creates emotions this extreme in me and for that, Goblin deserves respect, even if it seems to be a jumbled mess of an album. The songs don’t fit together at all with the angry tracks and sad tracks combined together. But it doesn’t matter when you take a step back and look at what Tyler achieved. This album is an emotional roller coaster and can turn even the most sane and happy of us into a mother-fucking goblin.


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