Number 20: Zero Heroes- XV

On one of my downest days of 2011, a friend posted “Awesome” on my Facebook wall telling me I was awesome and to keep my head up. I gave it a try and instantly I started to feel better. I don’t know if the kind gesture clouded my mind or what, but the song and the whole album just stuck with me and was always there for me to pick me up throughout the world. XV raps as if he’s right there with you and makes the whole album feel very personal, talking about girls who like video games and even mentioning Wayne’s World. The whole content of the alum is like a classic teenager was living thought it. Girls and video games are important to almost every teen and in this way, XV is telling us, he knows what its like to be young. The combination of that and his creative samples just make this a classically fun album. Soul, electronic and jazzy beats envelop the album and are what really drives it. XV is definitely one of the most creative samplers as well, going from pop songs, like from the Canadian band The Stars, to samples from the Notorious B.I.G. to video game soundtracks, like Kingdom Hearts. Sometimes you can’t even tell that this is a rap album with the last track featuring Patrick Stump singing for a lot of the song. And that constant changing just leads me to love it more and more. But more than the edgy samples or the personal feel of the album, I think the fact I love it so much, is that it was there for me when I needed it. Good shit XV.


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