Number 19: Burst Apart- The Antlers

When I heard Hospice for the first time, I’ll admit, it was the quickest I have ever come to tears in my life. It just had so much feeling and emotion welled up in those lyrics, I just couldn’t help myself. So when I heard that the Antlers were planning on releasing another album, I honestly couldn’t think of where they would be heading. Because they couldn’t get sadder, that’s for sure. And I couldn’t really imagine them going harder. But it didn’t really matter much to me, so I gave it a listen. And it was a lot more rocky that Hospice. But not in a bad way and not in a grotesque way. It was actually really the only way they could have gone and still made sense to call themselves the Antlers, band of many emotions. The lingering vocals were still there, except this time, there was a drum part in almost every song, there were guitars that were rocking semi hard and just an over sense of a more up beat album. Instead of going with an attempt at either staying sad or going sadder, they went for an attempt at being more buoyant. It worked, to be frank. I was quite glad that they were able to over come the hype surrounding Hospice and continue to be a band worth listening to over and over again.


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