Number 17: Thursday- The Weeknd

If Echoes of Silence was the poppy Weeknd, then Thursday was the rocked out Weeknd. Because it went HAM. It hits hard, it hits fast and it hits well. The Weeknd doesn’t change a lot from House of Balloons to Thursday, but he changes enough. He still is talking about doing X and fucking girls left and right with not a bit of remorse. He still has that sound. That god damn sound of R&B mixed with dubstep that just takes over the room and just invades your senses. But this time, instead of the quiet, almost thoughtful attempt, the percussion thumps in and was straight to the point. I guess the reason I just couln’t get into Thursday as much as House of Balloons was that I just had this premeniton that House of Balloons was too perfect to improve on. I was excited to know that the Weeknd would be doing more music obviously, but I was and never will give up my opion that House of Balloons couldn’t sound any better. But Thursday was the next best thing, more Weeknd with some new stradegies to further his unique sound and further his march on 2011 as the artist of the year.


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