Number 16: Watch the Throne- Kanye West and Jay- Z

The biggest, most ambitious and highly anticipated album of the year had to be Watch the Throne. Following up My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was going to be a monumental task, but we all know Yeezy, one of the most confident people in the public eye, had it in him. So he called up Jay Z and formed an alliance of epic proportions and to widen their reign as kings of hip-hop. And when it hit, it hit. It had the grandiose feel that fans have come to expect. The horns rang, the high profile features scored and the content of live big or die trying really hit home. The loud sound fit perfectly in the year, “Niggas in Paris” gets so much radio play, even people who hate hip-hop nod their head to the infectious beat. The cult status of the song has gotten so big, they’ve been known to play it 10 times at one concert alone. And that’s what this album really represents. Just overhyping, over playing and being obnoxious about how great they are. The expensive Otis Redding sample shows that no expense would be spared to show that they were and are the titans of hip- hop. Their rhymes are slick and fast, addressing unborn sons, making sports references and basically talking about what ever they wanted as long as it was what they wanted. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy still was better, but to follow it up in less than a year with some thing like this was pretty great too.


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