Number 15: England Keep My Bones- Frank Turner

Frank Turner was probably one of my biggest surprises and one of my most exciting discoveries of the year. My friend has labeled a genre of music “Joe rock” which is basically any thing that remotely sounds like it could be taken from the 70’s and sounds like anything from the Beatles to Led Zeppelin. Frank Turner fits almost perfectly into that category. He’s English, first off, he jams out hard and his music is just happy, English rock n roll. I’m giving him the Joe Rock album of the year award for sure and I will follow his career with great interest, because when I make an affiliation to a Joe Rocker (see Jet, Oasis and the Counting Crows) I’m hooked for life. And its not without good reason, Turner is a good musician, who plays the guitar well and has an even better voice, majestic sounding and filled with exhilaration. “Peggy Sang the Blues” is a perfect example of Joe Rock and of why I like Frank Turner so much. It’s an upbeat song, with a rousing chorus that is accompanied with a piano bass line driving the song along. He’s singing about love, another classic piece of Joe Rock and the song just fills me with this bubbling feeling of joy that usually ends with me dancing around the room with a ridiculous grin on my face. I can’t really think of any other words to describe what this kind of music means to me and I was just so glad that this year had something like this to offer to me.


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