Number 14: Nostalgia, Ultra- Frank Ocean

Christmas Eve 2011. Made luminarios. Went to a party. Listened to Nostalgia Ultra. Life changed for the better. I’ll admit I had a bit of a bias for Frank Ocean when I found out he had an afflation with OFWGKTA and was trying to cut his ties. So I had no idea what to expect when I finally gave it a chance. I was astounded. Frank Ocean is like Drake, The Dream and The Weeknd all mashed together with a little pinch of Tyler, the Creator to give it a little spice. The combination creates this emotional guy singing (not rapping) over popular tunes. His versions of Strawberry Swing and Electric feel were very intriguing for me and I can’t say that I ever expected to hear versions of those songs quite like he did them. He keeps the basis of each song and creates his own lyrics, usually about girls and the shenanigans one can get into with them. But not only that, but he seems to put his emotion into his songs without having to whine (like someone we all know, cough Drake. Not really sure why I’m hating so much. I love Drizzy to death. Anyway.) I know some people may look down on Ocean for using a lot of popular songs to sing over, but I think if that did actually offend anyone, he made up for it with tracks like “Swim Good” and “Novacane”, a song about falling in love with a dentist moonlighting as a porn star. Now as cheesy as that sounds, Frank Ocean makes it all sound like just a walk in the park, nothing too special, nothing too sketchy. And that’s simply what made me love this album. It is just an album simplifying some of life’s tough parts and focusing on the fun parts. It’s an album of drugs and sex and more sex and drugs. Frank Ocean sings about the life most teens wish they had and he embodies it well.


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