Number 13: The Golden Age of Apocalypse- Thundercat

The first song I heard of The Golden Age of Apocalypse was “For Love I Come” and I was shocked at how similar it sounded to Yes. But it was only similar in a good way. And when I finally checked out the full album, it really was nothing like Yes. The vocals maybe, but the fusion of jazz and electronic beats was nothing that Yes had ever attempted. Or anyone else for the matter. The Golden Age of Apocalypse is just chill, its cool, its calm, it’s really anything you can think of. It’s the kind of album where you just want to sit back, sip a Capri Sun on the beach under a nice umbrella and just watch the ocean, not a care in the world. This album simplifies life in no other way imaginable and relaxes the mind from all worries. But if you want to delve more into the music, this may have some of the most creative bass since “Viridian” (If you don’t know… Just check it). It wanders and meanders throughout the songs, exemplifying the cool vibe of the album. It takes on a life of its own, it seeps and jumps through the tracks, dancing with the soft vocals and the smooth piano in a samba that no one had ever dared try before. It’s such a neat concept for an album, no true music fan can ignore the complexities of it and it deserves more praise than it has been given this year.


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