Number 11: The King of Limbs- Radiohead

Radiohead may be the most consistent, most awesome, most representative band of this generation and certainly this past decade. And The King of Limbs didn’t get nearly the response it should have with those things being true. For one, King of Limbs is 8 songs long and is arguably just a long EP. It doesn’t quite carry the epicness of OK Computer or The Bends. And it came out quickly, without hype or anticipation and people didn’t really know that Radiohead was at it again. I think because of these factors, it never really got a chance to be fully appreciated because God only knows I thought most of those thoughts and took a long time to even think about listening to it. But I finally gave in to my friends pressure and gave it a shot one day when we went for a walk on a cool November day. It was absolutely the perfect setting to listen to it and really just created in me a kinship with the album that I didn’t think would have been possible. Because this is a weird Radiohead album. Its as if Thom York decided to forget that Radiohead had a huge following that would be expecting something magnificent and went about experimenting. The music video for Lots Flower really embodies the whole album’s weirdness. In the video, York just dances. But his dancing involves him contorting his body to the fast paced drum loop with a look on his face of just pure. Eccentricity. And that and the walk put together made me love this album for a lot of reasons that have nothing to do with the music, but in the end made me love the music all the more.


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