Number 10: Undun- The Roots

The Roots have always been a very intriguing band/group. To combine live music and rapping is such a novel concept, even in today’s extremely diverse scene. They do it to perfection though and make it seem achievable by anyone. On Undun, they take that all a step further, creating a concept album, depicting a drug dealers life and the trials and tribulations he faces up to his death. On my first listen, or even my second, grasping the full implications of the story evaded me. For this album really is just a story that you have to dig a little to fully comprehend. But the more I listen to Undun, the more it just sticks with me as an album. But no one song rises above another and the climatic and chaotic ending where the violins and pianos crescendo to a cacophony of noise, representing the hurt and the end of his life is too perfect to ignore. ?uestlove’s consistent rhythm keeping on the drums punctuates every track and gives so much more life than an electronic attempt. The combination of that and the best, moving story of the year really solidifies the Roots as one of the most consistent groups of the past couple of decades.


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