Number 26: Relax- Das Racist

Das Racist. One of the most exciting groups of 2010 to be sure. Their unique sense of rapping about intricate pop culture really took the world by surprise and left everyone with a huge amount of anticipation for whatever they could come up with next. Then Relax dropped and I know quite a few people who jumped off the band wagon. It’s not like Das Racist got bad. It was more as if they took releasing an album as all one huge joke, with tracks like “Booty In the Air” and “Micheal Jackson.” They strayed away from their allusion’s to The Office and went for more of a comedic approach. Which, I’ll say it now, loved. I loved Shut Up Dude and I loved Sit Down Man, but in my opinion Relax was nearly just as good. They still had their silly voices, they still had their sense of humor, except just this time they knew they were going to be making some money and they just went for it. I mean, what kind of respectable band makes a song with the chorus as “BOOTY IN THE AIR, BOOTY IN THE AIR, SHAKE IT ALL AROUND.” But that’s what I loved about this album. I loved the care free feel, I loved the creative beats, like on “Punjabi Song” which has a very Indian pop feel to it. No other rap group in America would use that kind of sample, but Das Racist does. I just loved the all around atmosphere created while listening to it. Not to mention they got Danny Brown and El-P to add their own respective branches of weirdness to the scenario. It was a fun album, it was a weird album, but above all, it was Das Racist doing what ever they wanted to do and nothing more and I loved it for that.


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