Number 25: Under the Influence- Domo Genesis

The other big Odd Future release this year was sadly very under hyped in comparison to Goblin. Because Under the Influence was good. Very good. Domo always seemed to be the least talked about member of OFWGKTA and I could never figure out why. Rolling Papers was a classic album with some simply great production. And Under the Influence followed it up quite nicely. The production is heavy, and exudes and leaks swag like a slug. It’s just a laid back, dank sound that combined with Domo’s deep voice makes for some very entertaining tracks. Domo is not an amazing rapper, but he is solid to be sure and the beats he chooses to rap over make up for any lack of rapping ability he may not have. “Glory” is such a classic Odd Future beat that it brings back the old times of when they were the new, hawt thing. He has all of the timeless content: weed, bitches and of course, WOLF GANG chants and yells. Not only does he keep OFWGKTA theme going, but he also uses the beat of “We Major” by Kanye West and does justice to liven up the album a whole lot. Finding rappers today that have the ability to just be that laid back is difficult and Domo is a perfect example of a rapper that gives no fucks about anything.


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