Number 24: Knife Man- Andrew Jackson Jihad

I can’t think of a greater combination of genres than punk and folk. This album came at me pretty unawares and it still is astounding me today. It reminds me of a softer Say Anything and that alone is something worth going crazy over. Say Anything is one of my all time favorite bands and when I hear someone else attempting their sound, I always am down, and Andrew Jackson Jihad is a great example. They sing about girls and their evil ways, with plain raw emotion that just oozes Max Bemis. But I think the most exciting thing about them is their use of folk instead of relying on smashing, loud guitar. The guitar is there, don’t worry, but there are other elements that one does not normally hear in a punk band that makes these guys so great. “Sad Songs (Intermission)” is a perfect example, with the up beat, heavy country feel and the little piano playing in the back round. It just makes you want to stamp your foot in time, put a piece of hay in your mouth and go out to the country side to contemplate life. Aside from all that, there are slow songs and there are fast songs and that contrast alone is something that shows how diverse their musical ability really is. Their musicianship is also pretty remarkable, the slamming drums permeate every song and little things like the guitar feed back and the stand up bass really give a lot to the over all sound of the band. All of that is complimented well by the rough vocals. They’re high pitched, a little whiny and overall, very punk. Essentially Andrew Jackson Jihad may feel like some normal punk band, but underneath it all, they have the feeling and complexity of something much more.


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