Number 36: Spiritual State- Nujabes

I struggled mightily about what my 36th pick would be. I chose to do 36 albums of the year because I simply haven’t listened to enough to make an honest judgment for 50 albums and if I had done 25, then many of my favorite albums of the year would have had to been left out. So I compromised, chose the closest square number after 25, and went for it. Anyways, Nujabes may be one of my favorite producers of all time. His mixture of hip- hop and jazz has become one of my favorite mixtures of music to hear raps over and Nujabes just utilizes this to perfection. Sadly, I will never get to put him on another album of the year list, because he passed away a couple of years ago. “Spiritual State” are unfinished tracks released now in his memory, and even as unfinished, they are an amazing blend of serenity and swag, the cool beats complimented by the positive rapping styles make this one of the more chilled out albums of the year. Even though numerous albums could have taken this spot, I decided to give it to Nujabes, because I will never get another chance to honor this man and show the world was true genius really is.


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