Number 33: I’m Gay- Lil B

I was disappointed that I had yet to see I’m Gay on any lists of the year. But I wasn’t surprised. Lil B is one of the most controversial rappers in the game right now and he really shouldn’t be. His main messages are to stay based and be positive. He’s trying to help America by getting the youth to be who they want to be and do what they want. But people get caught up in his silliness of everyone saying “Based God, please fuck my bitch” and stuff like that. Yes Lil B is a little ridiculous at times, but over all, his messages should out weigh any of his juvenile actions. I’m Gay is a perfect example of his positiveness (yes that’s not a word, but guess what IM BASED). He raps about how he wants to help the world, how self-image of people needs improvement and how people need to be true to themselves and what they want. He says swag very few times in this whole album as if he is trying to prove he is being serious, just this once and he wants people to take him for his word and be more happy with the life they were given. Lil B is gonna have his fun, he’s gonna say swag way too much, but that doesn’t mean that we as rap fans can ignore his message: STAY BASED.


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