Number 32: Mylo Xyloto- Coldplay

If there is one band out there that has grown and changed over their lives as musicians, it is Coldplay. They have come from their first days of Parachutes and “Yellow,” when they were solely a piano rock band, to now on Mylo Xyloto with dub step drops and electronic pianos everywhere. Viva la Vida was one of my all time favorite albums, every song fit together and just gave me a feeling close to bliss, and I was curious and I’ll admit, a little worried, as to how Coldplay would respond to such a great album. Mylo Xyloto didn’t over come Viva la Vida in my opinion, far from it. But it did what I was worried it couldn’t. It was again, a different take on the musicianship of the band. It was essentially, a different sound yet again. I was so excited to hear “Paradise” on the radio for the simple fact that the only reason I knew it was Coldplay was because Chris Martin’s voice is unmistakable. The wub wub wub that I heard going along with his voice was just so out of place and so welcome, I immediately had an affinity to the album and my love of Coldplay grew just a little bit more. If for nothing else, Coldplay grew a little more, proving to me they have matured a lot since their debut.


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